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bbblluuueeee hhooottttteeelllllllllllllllllllll   
12:05am 16/05/2007
mood: excited
i love jessie for getting me the ticket and i love chris isaak for being chris isaak.

P.S. He shook my hand. Devil Child!!!
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10:17pm 15/04/2007
mood: bored
viva las vegas!!!!
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01:35pm 06/12/2006
mood: hungry
hello im home...and im really enjoying all of the snow so far...... i got to do so many amazing things which im sure ill tell all of you about later... although it is good to be home and sleeping in a normal sized bed but i do not want to go back to work.... oh and lexy did remember who i was and so did poo poo (but there was no doubt with her) and all 3 cats crammed in my bed with me last night. but not poo. she was sleeping "in front" of the fireplace again....
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its not all my music on the playlist   
02:36pm 10/10/2006
mood: cold
1. How does the world see me?
Wonderful World - Joey Ramone

2. Will I have a happy life?
Riding along in my automobile - Chuck Berry

3. What do my friends really think of me?
Senorita - Justin Timberlake

4. Do people secretly lust after me?
Its Been Awhile - Staind *sigh*

5. How can I be happy?
When doves cry - Prince
that doesn't answer much

6. What should I do with my life?
Money - Jellestone..... Jo its our song...

7. Why must life be so full of pain?
White Riot - The Clash

8. Will I ever have children?
yo ho a pirates life..... interesting..

9. Will I die happy?
If it be your will - Leonard Cohen

10. What is some good advice for me?
Look at all the lonely people - The Beatles

11. What is happiness?
Give a little bit - Supertramp

12. What's my favorite fetish?
My Maria - Brooks and Dunn

13. How will I be remembered?
Hillbilly Highway - Steve Earle ..... nice song to be remembered by

14. What is something I should always remember?
If you're gonna play in texas - Alabama ... well it is good advice and all

15. What represents the person I love?
With or Without you - U2 ... oddly perfect actually

16. What should be my motto?
Bring me to life - Evanescence hhhmmmm....
17. What will I always cherish?
Long hard road out of hell - Marilyn Manson

18. What advice am I best off to give?
Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin .....awesome

19. What advice am I best to recieve?
Cats in the cradle- Ugly Kid Joe.... uuuhhhhh

20. What represents the person i despise most?
Little Deuce Coupe - The Beach Boys..... i hate tyson for downloading this

21. What best represents the person I last talked to on the phone?
Gypsy - Stevie Nicks.. its was my mum i think
22. What best represents the last person I saw?
Peace Sells but whos buying - Megadeth
it was Dawn i saw last...

23. What represents the person i last talked to in person?
What shes doing now - Garth Brooks
Dawn its for you
24. What represents the people i'm living with?
Anyway you want it - Journey
25. Who am I?
Change (In The house of flies) - Deftones
ok Whats with this song already...
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double deuce   
01:27pm 05/10/2006
mood: good
april its your birthday.... happy birthday april....
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03:06am 04/10/2006
mood: ditzy
So this is my first night shift in over a month... its a little odd but im sure ill adjust back to nights and as soon as i do im back on days.... AND only 53 more days until my cruise... so excited.
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im allliiivvveeee   
04:24pm 27/08/2006
mood: drained
so i made it home from vancouver. it was a good trip. got to see priya and vik but no where near enough.....uuuhhhh.... brad bought me lilies and carnations when i got home....smell so good...yeah thats pretty much it...oh and i rebought elvira on DVD. yep thats my story of b.c..... and lets just say that 4 girls on 2 futons in a bachelor suite can get a little tiring especially when one of those girls was already getting on your nerves before you got there.
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01:09am 05/08/2006
mood: bitchy
im so frustrated and angry with everyone lately... well not everyone but certain people in particular .... i think i just need to disappear from all of the things/people pissing me off... i hate feeling so crabby all the time but i can only hold so much in..... oh well maybe i just need some sleep .... and if i have to do the dishes one more time that'll probably put me over the edge... fucking dish water hands...
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tick tock tick tock   
05:02am 04/07/2006
mood: drained

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04:15am 04/07/2006
mood: drained
this has been the longest/worst 6 days at work EVER.... plus i haven't really slept in about 3 days and when i do sleep i have really super fucked up dreams that wake me up and then i can't fall back asleep ....and ive basically been living off of candy and slurpees this week probably not helping with the sleeping thing.... and i almost ran over a black cat yesterday and i randomly got a nose bleed.... perhaps these are signs of something..... on a different note i bought 2 DVDs yesterday...... ready for this jolanda the original land before time AND the chipmunk adventure....
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i hate stupid people   
03:52am 24/06/2006
mood: calm
for the record spaghetti pizza is possibly the greatest thing ive ever eaten.....thats right spaghetti pizza....
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deftones rocked my world   
04:04am 07/04/2006
mood: sore
the deftones were great minus the meeting of donald again.... worst day of work ever.after spending almost 3 hours at the dentist i have a tooth again, a cavity filled and im minus a piece of my gums and hopefully itll heal and not need a root canal...its so lonely on the small side alone at work and the advil wore off way faster than i had hoped and of course theres none left in the house because stupid me forgot to put it away and psycho took them sleeping tonight should be interesting. oh well at least i have friday and saturday off....
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dawn pawn pin pan poon   
03:24pm 03/04/2006
mood: tired
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i wish   
02:15pm 08/03/2006
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i love it jolanda ...LOVE IT   
02:13pm 08/03/2006
You are
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do it do it   
02:13pm 08/03/2006

What Type of Villain are You?
03:29am 01/03/2006
mood: crappy
worst day ever
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yay.....presents and food   
01:32pm 17/02/2006
mood: awake
thanks for all of the presents guys... i love them all equally... except for that big ass chocolate bar which will probably be the death of me.... but what a way to go.... and i am not looking forward to going back to work after my 3 days off...
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so far so good   
03:37am 14/02/2006
mood: tired
work was super slow tonight therefore at midnight when it officially became my birthday everyone decided to draw me pictures and make cards...boredom does that...and brad (who worked a day shift) had his roommate buy me a piece of cake from the deli because he couldn't be there with me first thing on my birthday...and his roommate put a candle on it and made a big deal about giving it to me and then i got embarassed so of course everyone DIDN'T bug me about that..... oh and cause its my birthday i get a free day of calls on my cell phone...yay wasted time on the phone....and i went to the mall today and bought "the party" and "a league of their own".....excellent.... im going to bed now.
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03:32pm 03/02/2006
mood: drained
happy birthday more 18 with an attitude, 19 kinda snotty acting real rude
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