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its not all my music on the playlist

1. How does the world see me?
Wonderful World - Joey Ramone

2. Will I have a happy life?
Riding along in my automobile - Chuck Berry

3. What do my friends really think of me?
Senorita - Justin Timberlake

4. Do people secretly lust after me?
Its Been Awhile - Staind *sigh*

5. How can I be happy?
When doves cry - Prince
that doesn't answer much

6. What should I do with my life?
Money - Jellestone..... Jo its our song...

7. Why must life be so full of pain?
White Riot - The Clash

8. Will I ever have children?
yo ho a pirates life..... interesting..

9. Will I die happy?
If it be your will - Leonard Cohen

10. What is some good advice for me?
Look at all the lonely people - The Beatles

11. What is happiness?
Give a little bit - Supertramp

12. What's my favorite fetish?
My Maria - Brooks and Dunn

13. How will I be remembered?
Hillbilly Highway - Steve Earle ..... nice song to be remembered by

14. What is something I should always remember?
If you're gonna play in texas - Alabama ... well it is good advice and all

15. What represents the person I love?
With or Without you - U2 ... oddly perfect actually

16. What should be my motto?
Bring me to life - Evanescence hhhmmmm....
17. What will I always cherish?
Long hard road out of hell - Marilyn Manson

18. What advice am I best off to give?
Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin .....awesome

19. What advice am I best to recieve?
Cats in the cradle- Ugly Kid Joe.... uuuhhhhh

20. What represents the person i despise most?
Little Deuce Coupe - The Beach Boys..... i hate tyson for downloading this

21. What best represents the person I last talked to on the phone?
Gypsy - Stevie Nicks.. its was my mum i think
22. What best represents the last person I saw?
Peace Sells but whos buying - Megadeth
it was Dawn i saw last...

23. What represents the person i last talked to in person?
What shes doing now - Garth Brooks
Dawn its for you
24. What represents the people i'm living with?
Anyway you want it - Journey
25. Who am I?
Change (In The house of flies) - Deftones
ok Whats with this song already...
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