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this has been the longest/worst 6 days at work EVER.... plus i haven't really slept in about 3 days and when i do sleep i have really super fucked up dreams that wake me up and then i can't fall back asleep ....and ive basically been living off of candy and slurpees this week probably not helping with the sleeping thing.... and i almost ran over a black cat yesterday and i randomly got a nose bleed.... perhaps these are signs of something..... on a different note i bought 2 DVDs yesterday...... ready for this jolanda the original land before time AND the chipmunk adventure....
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yeah..the candy and slurpees miiiight have something to do with it...
it's because you're pregnant. mark my words. *glares
damn..I wanted to have her babies
Me first. Hey... we made out..didn't we April. Hello!?
This is nikole's entry... Is the heat getting to your brain?... lol

And Priya actually did call nikoles offspring... hmm...
Um yea.. I think so. I work in this fuckin hell hole. okay bizatch?!???!?!?!?!?!?

Anyhoo.. Ill still have april's offpspring
aww.. Land Before time is my favorite Disney of all time. I still have the original VHS but a stupid spawn of satan child ripped it. Fucker.